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For years you have tried to tap into the high end waterfront and cottage buyers market. Often the problem is that you live in cottage country and your clients live in the large urban areas. Plus you keep wasting your advertising dollars on outdated print advertising that never reaches these out of town buyers and never gets them onto your website.

Waterfront Listing: We will place a photo of your waterfront listing with a direct link to your listing information at the start of your desired lakes waterway film clips. We will also place your photo of your waterfront listing on your desired lakes Lake Information page insuring double exposure to every viewer enjoying our films of that waterway. With much larger lakes being split into sections, we will also place your ads on all of that lake's Lake Information pages.

Waterfront Listing Advertising Cost: Each listing is only $100.00 plus $13.00 HST for a total of $113.00 per waterfront listing. Your ad will remain on our website as long as it is active.

Advertising Your Business Card: We can also place a copy of your business card on your desired lakes shoreline films and beside its Lake Information Page. Simply scan and send up a copy of your business card or mail it to our address below. Cost is $113.00 ($100.00 plus $13.00 HST) for an entire twelve months for advertising your business card on your desired lake.

Cottage Rentals: We will place the photo of your rental property (or a copy of your business card) along with the direct link to your website on your lake's Lake Information page for $100.00 plus $13.00 HST for a total of $113.00 for one full year.

Payment: etransfer your funds to info@ecottagefilms.com. Please include the information of the property you would like advertised. Please use the etransfer password...films.

Cheque: Please make your cheque payable to ecottagefilms.com Mailing Address...P.O. Box 1656, Belleville, Ontario, Canada, K8N 0A5

Pay With Paypal

Due to the high cost of having our website people place your ads, no ads will be placed until your payment is received. Simply send us your payment and we will do the rest.