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Waterway: Ahmic Lake

 Ahmic Lake is a lake in Parry Sound DistrictOntarioCanada, part of the Magnetawan River waterway in the Almaguin Highlands region. Ahmic Lake is approximately 19 km long and connects to two smaller lakes, Neighick (nicknamed Beaver Lake) and Crawford Lake.
Wealthy American tourists have been visiting the area since the 1860s and bought large tracts of land around the lake. With most cottages staying in family hands, the lake’s shores have been kept intact over the years, making Ahmic a lake with only moderate shoreline disturbance or alteration. Around the beginning of the 20th century, a number of fishing camps were built on Ahmic Lake, including Cedar Croft which stayed in business until the late 1950s.
The lake is known for the presence of two swimming camps, Camp Chikopi, the boys camp, and Camp Ak-O-Mak, the girls camp. Chikopi was the world’s first competitive swim camp. The two camps are directly across the lake from each other and to get from one to the other by water one paddles past Rocky Reef, which is a very exclusive tourist peninsula owned by a few American families. The tourist industry and the two swim camps are what kept the young people and adult residents in the small town of Ahmic Harbour employed for many decades and still contributes to the economic well being of the area. Ahmic Harbour is located at the tip of the small bay of Ahmic Lake along Highway 124.
(Courtesy of Wikipedia, The Free Encylopedia)
Follow Highway #11 north from Huntsville to Highway #520 at the town of Burks Falls.  Follow Highway #520 all the way to the village of Magnetawan. Most access the lake from the boat launch in town.
You can expect healthy populations of smallmouth bass, northern pike, whitefish and walleye.  Most of the islands offer rocky shorelines with sharp drop-offs, prime smallmouth hiding places.  For pike, any of the secluded bays will be sure to hold cruising pike, especially as evening approaches.  Walleye are the most targeted sportfish in Ahmic Lake.  Over the past few years, there have been over 1.5 million walleye dumped into Ahmic Lake and Cecebe Lakes in an effort to revitalize the  stock.  
(Courtesy of Back Road Map Books.com)

Almaguin Highlands Community Guide 2018

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Lake Information
Township Of Magnetawan
Closest Town Magnetawan
Waterway Length 19 kilometres/12 miles
Waterway Width
Total Surface Area 1567 hectares/3918 acres
Perimeter Shoreline 69.7 kilometres/45 miles
Islands Shoreline 9.8 kilometres/6 miles
Maximum Depth 27 metres/86 feet
% of Crown Land 5%
Estimated # of Residences on Waterway
Fish Species Walleye
Smallmouth Bass
Largemouth Bass
Northern Pike
Boat Launches Biddy Street South, Magnetawan, ON
5239 Highway 520, Magnetawan, ON
Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ahmic_Lake
Cottage Association Ahmic Lake Cottagers Association
Cottage Association Website https://foca.on.ca/product/ahmic-lake-cottagers-association/
Cottage Association Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/2204384832/
Conservation Information

Magnetawan Watershed Land Trust


Tourism Information

Municipality of Magnetawan

Almaguin Highlands Tourism

Provincial Parks

Knoefli Falls, Highway 124, Magnetawan, ON


Old Man River Falls, Ahmic Lake Road, Magnetawan, ON


Marina Name Ahmic Marine
Marina Website http://www.magnetawanarea.com/ahmic-marine
Dockside Fuel
RV Parks-Campgrounds
Cottage Rentals
  • Various Canadian and Ontario Government MNR, Ontario Tourism and Environment publications.
  • Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
  • Cottage Association publications and our own observations while filming.


This information is intended for general use only. We do not guarantee the accuracy of this information.

If you notice an error or have information on this waterway that we could use, please email us at info@ecottagefilms.com.

  Waterway Description Town Film Code Viewing Time
VIEW North East Shore Magnetawan Code # ON-00552-1 9.26
VIEW North Shore Magnetawan Code # ON-00552-2 7.49
VIEW Chikopi Area Magnetawan Code # ON-00552-3 7.18
VIEW Knoefli Falls Area Magnetawan Code # ON-00552-4 9.15
VIEW Old Mill Bay Magnetawan Code # ON-00552-5 5.28
VIEW Island View Area Magnetawan Code # ON-00552-6 8.31
VIEW Ahmic Harbour Area Magnetawan Code # ON-00552-7 9.13
VIEW West Islands Magnetawan Code # ON-00552-8 4.58
VIEW Ak-O-Mak Area Magnetawan Code # ON-00552-9 7.01
VIEW Cedar Croft Area Magnetawan Code # ON-00552-10 7.41
VIEW South Shore Magnetawan Code # ON-00552-11 10.00
VIEW Bells Bay Magnetawan Code # ON-00552-12 12.32
VIEW Inneswood Area Magnetawan Code # ON-00552-13 8.44
VIEW Magnetawan Narrows Magnetawan Code # ON-00552-14 6.49


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