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Waterway: Rice Lake – South

Found just north of the Highway #401 and south of Peterborough, Rice Lake if the first of the chain of Kawartha Lakes that stretches west towards Lake Simcoe.  The main launch is found off of Highway #28 in the town of Bewdley. At the east end the town of Hastings has boat launch facilities.   You will find Hastings by following County Road #45 north of Cobourg from the Highway #401.
(Courtesy of Back Road Map Books.com)
How Rice Lake Got Its Name
Stretching out from cedar groves on the north side of Rice Lake, golden fingers of wild rice once reached across the water and in places almost grasped the far shore.  The rice plants, some of which stood four feet above the lake, were so thick that they hid much of the surface.  For centuries, Indians guided their birch bark canoes through these rice beds on autumn days to harvest the highly prized grain.  They would grasp and bend the stems, then strike the crown of the plant with their hands or paddles so that the rice would fall into the canoe.  When it was filled, often with as much as ten or twelve  bushels of grain, the canoe would be paddled back to shore to be unloaded by women of the tribe.  
Today there is no longer rice in Rice Lake.  Over-harvesting, changes in water levels (estimated to be increased by six feet since the dam at Hastings was built), and the introduction of carp have destroyed the once-flourishing beds.
(Courtesy of The Trent-Severn Waterway, C & E Theberge, 1978) 

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Lake Information
Township Of Northumberland
Closest Town Bewdley, Gores Landing
Waterway Length 37 kilometres/23 miles
Waterway Width 4.8 kilometres/3 miles
Total Surface Area 9156 hectares/22,625 acres
Perimeter Shoreline
Islands Shoreline
Maximum Depth 13.4 metres/45 feet
% of Crown Land
Estimated # of Residences on Waterway
Fish Species Walleye
Largemouth Bass
Smallmouth Bass
Yellow Perch
Black Crappie
Boat Launches Rice Lake Drive North, Bewdley, ON
Halstead Beach Road, Bewdley, ON
Ingham Road, Roseneath, ON
Vimy Ridge, Roseneath, ON
Sandy Bay Road, Hastings, ON
Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rice_Lake_(Ontario)
Cottage Association Rice Lake Tourism Association
Cottage Association Website http://ricelakecanada.com
Cottage Association Facebook https://www.facebook.com/RiceLakeON/
Conservation Information

Ganaraska Region Conservation Authority


Tourism Information

Rice Lake Tourism Association


Provincial Parks

Rice Lake Conservation Area, Cavan Road, Bewdley, ON


Marina Name
Marina Website
Dockside Fuel
RV Parks-Campgrounds
Cottage Rentals
  • Various Canadian and Ontario Government MNR, Ontario Tourism and Environment publications.
  • Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
  • Cottage Association publications and our own observations while filming.


This information is intended for general use only. We do not guarantee the accuracy of this information.

If you notice an error or have information on this waterway that we could use, please email us at info@ecottagefilms.com.

  Waterway Description Town Film Code Viewing Time
VIEW Bewdley Waterfront Bewdley Code # ON-00723-1 12.44
VIEW Oak Hills Area Bewdley Code # ON-00723-2 14.53
VIEW Tower Manor Area Bewdley Code # ON-00723-3 10.13
VIEW Tait's Beach Area Bewdley Code # ON-00723-4 8.30
VIEW Oriole Beach Area Gores Landing Code # ON-00723-5 12.03
VIEW Glen Lynden Area Gores Landing Code # ON-00723-6 12.02
VIEW Gores Landing Waterfront Gores Landing Code # ON-00723-7 11.50
VIEW Close Point Area Gores Landing Code # ON-00723-8 13.50
VIEW Adventure Bay Area Gores Landing Code # ON-00723-9 9.27
VIEW Willow Bay Area Harwood Code # ON-00723-10 11.49
VIEW Harwood Waterfront Harwood Code # ON-00723-11 9.57
VIEW Golden Beach Roseneath Code # ON-00723-12 10.38
VIEW Sunset Bay Roseneath Code # ON-00723-13 5.21
VIEW Curtis Point Roseneath Code # ON-00723-14 12.02
VIEW Shearer Point Roseneath Code # ON-00723-15 10.44
VIEW Hampton & Ingham Area Roseneath Code # ON-00723-16 12.31
VIEW White & Rack Islands Roseneath Code # ON-00723-17 14.00
VIEW Dunnette Landing Area Roseneath Code # ON-00723-18 10.36
VIEW Islandview Area Roseneath Code # ON-00723-19 12.17
VIEW Muskie Bay Area Roseneath Code # ON-00723-20 6.16
VIEW Robins Area Roseneath Code # ON-00723-21 8.09
VIEW Grasshopper Island Roseneath Code # ON-00786-1 7:41
VIEW Margaret Island Roseneath Code # ON-00723-22 5.36
VIEW Willowood Area Roseneath Code # ON-00723-23 14.42
VIEW Webb Bay Area Hastings Code # ON-00723-24 11.11
VIEW Morrow Bay Hastings Code # ON-00723-25 13.47
VIEW Sandy Bay Area Hastings Code # ON-00723-26 5.38


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